Danish startup invents underwear that does not require frequent washing

Want to wear the same pair of underwear for weeks at a time? Go right ahead.
A Danish startup called Organic Basics claims its underwear will remain fresh through weeks of wear, eliminating the need for frequent Washing.
By treating their underwear with Polygiene, Organic Basics says it can prevent the growth of 99.9% of bacteria, which it claims prevents the underwear from smelling bad as quickly.
“Our business is sustainable fashion. The traditional way of buying, wearing, washing and throwing away overpriced underwear is a terrible waste of resources. And it is extremely harmful to the environment,” said Mads Fibiger, CEO and co-founder of Organic Basics.
And he’s right. Washing and drying clothing requires water and energy, so the more often you clean your underwear, the greater the garment’s impact on the environment.
Even if the underwear did maintain the desired level of freshness, though, people might not be able get over the mental hurdle of wearing the same undergarments for weeks at a time — just this week, Elle reporter Eric Thomas wrote that reading about the undies made him want to “bleach eyes.”

Post time: Apr-16-2021