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There is no doubt that getting in and out of a boat is always more challenging.The fenders are not designed to stand, and the tongue can be slippery and dangerous when loading and unloading the boat.Mark Peiser Manufacturing, Inc.’s Trick Step overcomes the hassle of getting in and out of the boat with custom steps that attach to the bass boat trailer.They also look cool.
Installation is simple, basically requires two wrenches and possibly a buddy to hold the steps, which I did easily in 10 minutes with my boat.
The Trick Step is built to tight tolerances and built like a tank to easily support up to 450 pounds with neat and precise welds.The Trick Step is mounted on the front post of the trailer and it comes with everything you need including washers, boats and nylon coated nuts to keep it tight and secure.
Once you’ve figured out where it’s going, place four bolts on the side of the step to hold the plate on the back in place and lock it with the two standard 11/16″ nuts provided to hold it in place.Snuggling them allows one to position the nylock and washer on the other two bolts.Once they are in place, it is simple to remove these nuts and replace the nylocks.
I have bad knees and watching me in and out of the boat is almost laughable.I looked like a walrus and spent most of my time crawling up and down the rocks in a boat without Trick Steps.
With the Trick Step, I can easily get in and out of the boat by walking up the steps, and the handy grab bar is simple even for those with balance issues.Those who are less gravity-challenged will love how quickly they can get in and out and speed up the loading and unloading process, especially alone.Even older anglers like me are more stable and light when getting in and out of the boat.I don’t know what I’m missing until I get one.
“I use all the tools I can when fishing, why don’t I use them to get in and out of my boat?” MacDonald said.”I’ve had one on the boat for years and I believe it’s also been a tool to expand my career. Too many times I’ve seen anglers having trouble getting in and out of the boat and Trick Step has ruled it out.”
The Trick Step is a removable marine channel made of mild steel square tube and TIG welded for strong, long-lasting integrity.All components are coated with marine industry tuff to eliminate wear and extend their life.
The stepped ladder alignment is suitable for tall and short people, and the non-slip material on the steps is strong and sturdy.For the record, I recommend them from a material and function standpoint, and always have one for my boat going forward.
Trick Step customer service is second to none and offers steps for Ranger, Phoenix, Vexus, Triton, Tracker, Legend, Skeeter, Falcon and Nitro boats.They have also built custom steps for Lund, Champion, G3, Bass Cat, Xpress, Stratos and many others.

Post time: May-31-2022