The 48 Best Men's Sweatshirts of 2022: Hoodies, Crewnecks, Zips, Workouts and More

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In the clothing demand hierarchy, men’s sweatshirts are ranked after T-shirts, underwear and jeans.Over the decades, they’ve evolved from sportswear staples to bona fide fashion icons, with enough style juice to help you get out of some serious moods: think Steve McQueen riding a motorcycle in a greasy crew-neck, Or the Balenciaga of the Demner era in baggy clothes – a hell of a hoodie under a trench coat.In 2022, sweatshirts are available for almost every occasion.There are sweatshirts that you keep warm while walking your dog, sweatshirts that you actually sweat, and even sweatshirts that you put aside for a suit and dress shoes.Today, we’ll go through all of these versions and more.
From basic zip-up hoodies to luxurious designer interpretations, heavyweight pullovers to lightweight sleeveless hoodies, these are 12 absolute must-have styles for men’s sweatshirts.No matter your budget, taste or needs, there’s a sweatshirt (or seven) for you.Guys, grab yourself and get comfortable.
The crewneck sweatshirt was invented in the 1930s by Benjamin Russell, Jr., a professional football player who wanted a comfortable alternative to the frayed wool in his sports uniform.His solution was a soft cotton fleece jumper with a crew neck that eventually revolutionized the fashion world.
Another legendary silhouette that needs no real introduction.Of course, hoodies are an after-get off work must-have, perfect for a hardcore lounging all day bundled up on the couch.But they also bring ease to just about any fit and look right at home in a tailored coat or puffy bomber jacket.
Like a casual cardigan, the zip-up hoodie gives you the flexibility to show off whatever you’re wearing underneath — whether it’s a killer graphic tee or a sturdy flannel button-down shirt — and doesn’t require a low level gymnastics to put on.
Those half-zips and quarter-zips you used to wear when coaching your childhood soccer team?They are cool now.Unzip them to show off that wild new necklace you just cut, or tie them straight to the top when a cold wind blows from nowhere.
When you want your sweatshirt to be more than “I’m warm and stylish,” these street essentials have your back.
We know what you’re thinking: a bit redundant, GQ!Aren’t all these sweatshirts basic?We hear your voice.But this category is our little love letter to everyday sweatshirts that you can stroll through any mall in America for under $50.As we said, you have seven in your drawer, you can pull it up anytime for any purpose, and you can always rely on it.We salute you, basic sweat.
From upgraded materials to thoughtful design details, the not-so-basic basics are well worth the admission.
Sometimes a sweatshirt has just the right look and feel.Buying retro can help you sidestep the process entirely, and hoodies and crewnecks have passed the bell and look incredible on the other side.Finding the perfect retro model can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, but it’s worth a shot.
When it’s really cold outside, you’ll want to protect your neck.These mock-up and turtleneck sweatshirts let you do it in the most comfortable form possible.
You don’t have to give up your sweatshirt of choice when spring rolls around.Made from a lightweight cotton and linen blend, these are the ideal midlayer for sunny but cool weather.
Whether you’re training in inclement weather or just battling overzealous air conditioning at the gym, these performance-focused sweatshirts will keep you in top shape.
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Post time: Jun-02-2022