Where to Buy the Best Men's Workout Clothes in 2022

Performing your best while exercising starts with wearing the right clothing.That means ditching those gym shorts you’ve been wearing since high school and putting on a sweat-wicking shirt instead of something cotton.
It’s also important to consider how you like to exercise, which can greatly influence what you should wear.For example, a runner might choose a pair of shorts that are lightweight and quick-drying, while a strength trainer might prefer a shirt made of stretch fabric.You get more out of your workout when you’re comfortable.
As a fitness editor on the Insider Reviews team, I’m constantly sweat-testing to find the best workout clothes to wear — and there are plenty.Whether it’s functional running apparel from Janji or versatile training gear from Ten Million, there’s plenty to choose from.
Below, I’ve listed eight of my favorite men’s workout wear brands, each targeting a specific type of workout type or preference.You can also find answers to some FAQs at the bottom of this guide, as well as insights on how I tested everything.
So many fitness brands say their apparel is “athlete-tested,” but Ten Thousand is backed by a huge roster of athletes across the country whose gear covers everything from yoga and HIIT to Crossfit and weightlifting.
Cons: Pockets may be too small to hold anything but keys or credit cards, shirts may come in a small size
To say Ten Thousand puts its activewear on its paces is an understatement — the brand pushes its gear to the limit by throwing it at wear testers that do just about any form of sport imaginable.There’s HIIT and weightlifting, strength training and functional fitness, and of course running.They even add a little yoga to the mix to show off its comfort and versatility.
But just because a gear can handle a wide variety of workout types doesn’t mean that page after page of a particular crop or top fits an exact routine.In fact, on the contrary, the simplicity it offers makes Wan more attractive.
The brand’s lineup is simple yet effective.There is a wide variety of shorts collections, from shorts designed for running or weightlifting to shorts designed for martial arts fighters.It also has a similar variety of shirts.There are vests, shirts made from merino wool, standard moisture-wicking, quick-drying options, and even rash guards.
After multiple workouts wearing 10,000 pieces of gear, each piece performed as impressively as its field tests.
No matter what I choose to do, these garments feel comfortable and functional, and are always fit to withstand whatever I throw at them.Maybe I’ll do a 20-mile bike ride in the Tactical Short after a resistance band workout in my apartment.Maybe it’s a 45-minute yoga class, followed by a quick jog around a lightweight shirt near me.Whatever it was, the gear held up and never felt out of place.
Not even the price is shocking.Shorts range from $58 to $72, while t-shirts range from $50 (that’s what you should pay for premium sportswear).
Janji’s running gear is practical, comfortable, and affordable whether you’re running a casual 5K or training for a marathon.
PROS: High-quality clothing for runners, most pieces feature quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric for great comfort
Attaching superlatives to fitness gear usually comes down to personal preference (and modest exaggeration), but for Janji and the brand’s extremely high-quality running apparel, calling it the best isn’t an overstatement — it’s legitimately Some of the best gear on the market.
From running shorts and sports caps to T-shirts, tank tops and weatherproof tops, Janji covers the basics of running in his signature style.
A few of my current favorites are its Runterra Bio Long Sleeve Running Shirt and Thermal Zephyr Running Jacket.Both have become staples in my running wardrobe lately (as the weather cools) and are yet another impressive version of Janji.Specifically, this jacket is also one of the best I’ve tested from the brand.It comes in a bright orange that’s great for low-light running, and it’s very warm without being too heavy.
I’ve been running in Janji gear for a while, and I keep coming back no matter the season.No matter how many miles I plan to run, its shorts are super comfortable and its top and hood keep me protected and cool.The brand’s selection of fun prints is also a nice addition.
It’s all about Rhone’s GoldFusion technology, which delivers on its odor-free promise.
Rhone has long been one of our favorite makers of men’s fitness gear.This is thanks in large part to the company’s GoldFusion technology, a proprietary eco-friendly fabric treatment that utilizes real gold particles to help fabric dry three times faster.Plus, it has UV protection and promises permanent odor control.
Two new additions to the Rhone GoldFusion collection include the 7″ Swift Lined Shorts and the Swift Tank.Made for running, these shorts feature a perforated ventilation system for cooling, as well as two side zippered pockets to store essentials while jogging.Plus, the soft performance lining guarantees an excellent fit.
As for the Swift Tank, this sweatshirt features quick-drying, odor-resistant perforated fabric to keep you cool when you sweat.
Of course, Rhone also has some parts that aren’t necessarily embedded in precious metals but are just as effective at getting the job done.Take the new Mako Unlined shorts, for example.Available in 7″ and 9″ lengths, these shorts are made from lightweight four-way stretch fabric with plenty of pockets so you can wear them at the gym or anywhere else, too.
Hylete’s clothing line can be used for almost any type of workout; boxing, running, weightlifting, you name it.Its gear is well-designed, comfortable and stylish enough to be worn without breaking a sweat.
Pros: A wide range of versatile sports apparel is available, from casual to technical gear, in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit individual styles, and its tri-color blend shirts are especially comfortable
If versatility is what you’re after, check out Hylete’s active apparel line (available in men’s and women’s sizes).It offers a wide range of t-shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, pullovers and hoodies, all designed with the athlete in mind.
Not just for your typical powerlifter, slasher, either.I’ve been wearing Hylete gear for months, from boxing and resistance band workouts to longer weekend bike outings (I also lift weights and run).
Don’t get me wrong, though.The brand’s clothing is suitable for all kinds of workouts, but I only find myself wearing its t-shirts when I’m not working out—sometimes as casual wear while working from home or running errands.
A few of my favorites are its Icon II Quad-Blend Tee and Fuse Short.The shirt has a flattering athletic cut and its blend of fabrics stays comfortable no matter how active I am (even when I’m doing a workout that makes me especially sweaty).
The Fuse Short is also the epitome of the brand’s versatility.Not only is Hylete available in sizes from XS to XXL, but it also comes in regular, above-the-knee, or quad-cut lengths, allowing people to customize a specific fit based on their workout style and fitness preferences.I wear quads myself and find them great for running, weightlifting, cycling or HIIT and boxing workouts.
The Hylete is also fairly modestly priced, with the Icon II Quad-Blend Tee at $44 and the Fuse Short at $74—both in the middle of most sportswear worth the money.The gear is durable and well-built for a variety of workouts, making it well worth the investment.
VRST, a joint venture of Dick’s Sporting Goods, is one of the newest active apparel brands on the market, offering a range of high quality and affordable comfort sportswear.
Pros: Great variety of quality gear, no high-end sticker price, the collection features activewear and active commuter gear with hallmarks like stretch fabrics, moisture-wicking technology, and anti-odor treatments
Dick’s Sporting Goods, a retailer of all sports apparel and gear, launched VRST in 2021, and I was immediately drawn to its reasonable prices and seemingly premium quality.Once I started actually testing the gear, that notion that it was premium went from looking to confirming – VRST’s line of activewear is impressive.
While the choice doesn’t exactly wow you in terms of flashy styling, the outfit’s capabilities are impressive.It features everything from running shorts and tops to commuter pants, zip-up track tops, joggers, tank tops and sweatshirts – the collection is essentially a collection of workout basics.
Some of the highlights I enjoyed testing were the running tee and print-lined woven shorts, which held up well in my community and at home workouts.
Specifically, the shirt is comfortable (even during a couple of incredibly wet runs in NYC) and doesn’t seem to feel heavy or bog me down if I start sweating.That’s because it features built-in moisture-wicking technology, which also cools when you’re wearing a shirt (though that’s actually hard to tell if it’s working properly).
I’ve also found the shorts so versatile, I can use them for HIIT workouts, running, cycling, and weight training, and they stay comfortable throughout.The four-way stretch design complements any exercise I do, and its internal compression padding provides plenty of support where I need it.
However, the biggest feature of VRST is its price.For a price that’s consistently lower than what you’ll find elsewhere, this is a great budget option that doesn’t sacrifice performance or quality.It may not be able to keep up with more premium brands in terms of advanced tech features or style variety, but if it’s the premium fitness gear you need at an affordable price, the VRST is it.
The Omorpho is a weighted workout suit you’ve never seen before, featuring what the brand calls MicroLoad, which distributes weight over your body to improve your workout efficiency—and it works.
Advantages: You can hardly feel the added weight when wearing it, it does not hinder the movement, and you can really feel the improvement of the exercise effect
Wearing something like a weighted vest while exercising has been shown to help people increase strength, improve endurance, and significantly increase the intensity of their workouts.But they’re not always the easiest things to wear and move.
Enter Omorpho, a new fitness brand founded by a former Nike executive that combines the concept of a weighted vest with athletic apparel.Instead of putting on a bulky tank suit with some combination of weighted panels, Omorpho clothing builds the weight directly into something like a sports top or shorts.Since it’s distributed over the entire garment, it hardly feels like you’re wearing something heavier than a typical sports shirt.
When I first tried the brand’s 2-in-1 G-Short and G-Top Short Sleeves, I was skeptical.Every piece I hold in my hand feels like there’s no way I’m exercising without noticing the weight on me.However, my tone quickly changed once I actually put them on.I can still feel the weight of course, but it’s not as important as I thought.
To test the gear, I wore it for three weeks straight, using it in every workout combination I usually do.This includes cycling, boxing, resistance training, strength training, running, and more.While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact effect it has on my training, one thing I did notice was how light I felt when I was running when I wasn’t wearing it.I recorded faster mile times and was able to run farther and farther.
Although I don’t wear this to every workout now as I did when I was exhaustively testing it, I do make sure to have it in my closet at least three times a week (and I’ll change the types of workouts I use it for a lot) ).It’s a unique way to increase resistance to a workout, and it’s more versatile than putting on a weighted vest.
Light and comfortable, Vuori’s apparel makes it a breeze to work out indoors or out during the summer.
Clearly, Encinitas, California-based Vuori takes inspiration from the beach.The company’s workout gear might make you feel like you’re on the West Coast, comfortable and light.
In particular, we love the Trail Short, Vuori’s lightest utility short.The shorts feature an elastic waist, supportive Coolmax odor-resistant lining, and a sporty fit.The shorts also feature front and rear zip pockets, as well as an iPhone holder in the lining.
Also beloved in the Vuori collection are the Tradewind Performance shirts and the company’s perennial jogging pants.The Tradewind T-shirt is the most technical in the company’s line, featuring micro-perforations for ventilation, flat-lock seams and front chest pockets.This shirt promises to wick away moisture and dry quickly, making it perfect for a run, a hot yoga class, or anything in between.

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